As a motorcycle enthusiast who first started riding in the late 60s, its no surprise that I should have a special fondness for vintage motorcycles! It was inevitable that I would eventually re-acquaint myself with those machines Id enjoyed several decades ago. Such as Suzuki T20 and T500 Cobra, Ducati 350, Kawasaki S2 350, early GT Suzuki triples and the RE5 and Seventies Hondas and Yamahas all now very sought-after motorcycles!!

Badge Replicas was established due to the rapid growth of interest in vintage motorcycles, and the consequent growth in demand for badges, both factory OEM and reproduction, for the restoration of these fine old machines. During the past few years Ive been steadily building the badges stock range, reacting to market needs and also looking at the future trends of this current restoration wave.

I am continually restoring these early favourites of mine as well as a continuing interest and participation in Historic solo and sidecar racing.