Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I consider replica (reproduction) badges? 

Put simply, you probably don't have many alternatives! The badge you want is most likely not available 'over the counter'. You have a better chance with eBay or specialty niche suppliers. But are you prepared to wait for years to find those elusive badges to complete your restoration or to replace a lost or stolen badge?

2. How good are your badges? 

Our badges are all cast from NOS or very good used originals. A rubber mould is made, and replicas are then produced in a casting metal. These are then plated (chrome or gold), and then detail painted with automotive quality paint. The end result is a product visually indistinguishable from the OEM originals.

3. What about plastic tank badges?

Several injection moulded plastic tank badges are now available. These are moulded from acrylic resin (like perspex), then chrome or gold metallized and painted to match original specifications. These badges will fit your tank exactly, and will withstand UV far better than early OEM examples.

4. Are these badges expensive? Or cheap?

The few OEM vintage badges still available range in price quite considerably. These of course are the remainder of stocks which were produced in the thousands – with the economy of scale BadgeReplicas can never expect to emulate. Our badges we believe are priced ($45 to $75 approx. range) very reasonably. At least our customer feedback tells us this is the case!

5. How best to pay for my badges?

For all customers either Australian or International we accept Direct Bank Transfer and Credit Card payment via a secure link.

6. What about postage?

For all customers either Australian or International we use Australia Post as our delivery service, all with tracking.

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