Suzuki Reproduction Parts

We specialise in the manufacture and supply of reproduction parts for the Suzuki T500 Mk.1 'Cobra'. This classic and very collectable motorcycle proved that a 500cc two stroke engine could not only be built, but be highly successful! In fact the production run lasted a decade - 1967 to 1977!!

Our Reproduction Parts are manufactured only when they become NLA (no longer available) from Suzuki.

We supply some other model Suzuki T/GT parts as well! Check the list below.

  • Cobra knee rubber pads. These are professionally made from high quality rubber - they fit perfectly!!

    Price: $189.95 AUD per pair (not sold individually)

  • Cobra handlebar rubber grips, 100% replicas made from high quality rubber.

    Price: $152.95 AUD per pair (not sold individually)

  • T500/GT500 reproduction footpeg rubbers.

    Price $85.00 AUD per pair (not sold individually)

  • Muffler cones and rubber mounting rings (clips) for Suzuki GT750J/K. These are an exact replica of the originals, perhaps even better!

    Large cone $95.95 AUD each

    Small cone $89.95 AUD each

    Mount rings $22.95 AUD each

  • Plastic sidecovers for Suzuki T/GT500 - very high quality!

    Price $125.00 AUD each

  • GT500 fork dust boots -100% replicas made from high quality rubber.

    Price $82.50 AUD per pair

To order any of these parts, or for an enquiry regarding stock not listed here, please send us an email

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